3D Clean


3D Clean is the most effective, safe and convenient professional solution for cleaning your resin 3D printed parts. 3D Clean is a non-flammable cleaning liquid with an evaporation rate similar to water.


3D Clean:s afe and effective cleaning liquid for stereolithography 3D printing.

Cleaning liquid for the post-processing of resins for 3D printers.

The best substitute for IPA:  it is less aggressive on 3D prints, non-flammable, and has an evaporation rate similar to water.

It is suitable for all stereolithography resins.
It is possible to immerse the print directly in the liquid, shaking it for a few minutes; otherwise, for an optimal result, we suggest
cleaning 3D prints in ultrasonic bath.

3D Clean is a cleaning liquid with an evaporation rate similar to water.

Methods of Use:

  • Ultrasonic cleaning

  • Magnetic or manual agitator

  • Manual immersion in a container (glass or polyethylene) shaking until uncured resin has dissolved.


How to use it:

  • Put the liquid in the agitator container or in the ultrasonic tank.
  • Operate the device for about 1 minute before cleaning,
  • Insert 3D printed parts for a few minutes,
  • Remove the parts from the tub and wash with clean water,
  • Blow the object with compressed air,
  • If necessary, proceed with the UV polymerization of 3D printed objects in accordance with the used resin indications .

3D Clean can be used several times while maintaining its cleaning power. It can be filtered and regenerated by adding new liquid.

1 litre pack


This product is not classified as dangerous according to the provisions of Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 (CLP) and subsequent amendments and adjustments.


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm



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