Castable 3D printing resin BlueCast X5


BlueCast X5 Castable 3D printing resin : designed for professional use by the resin experts at BlueCast. Excellent casting of small engravings both positive and negative. Fits all jewellery needs from filigree to medals as well dental ones Perfect for casting of small and fine detailed pieces. Excellent for stones presetting.Compatible with LCD/DLP 3D printers. Version for SLA 3D printers available upon request.


  • Custom syntetized oligomer by BlueCast, not available to market, patent is going to be applied.

  • Curing triggering tuned to maximize antialias smoothing

  • No monomer inside, no smell

  • No aggression on plastic parts (tested on PS, PMMA)

  • No postcuring needed for casting

  • No shrinkage

  • No primer needed

  • Less spreeing needed, oxygen for burnout is released by resin during burnout (less scrap metal, less work on metal)

  • Easy welding with wax, forget about pattern lost into investment

  • Can be polished, engraved, drilled (postcure is needed) AAAAA

  • Low viscosity, easier to recover uncured resin from models, easy to wash

  • No preheating required

  • Very little hygroscopic while liquid, no water absorption while printed

  • Atoxic, solvent free, very low phospine content, very low skin irritant

  • Fast and detailed – Hard but elastic, good compression set

  • Cleaner burnout, 0,00% ash residual

  • Solvent free

  • Suitable for fast burnout

  • Full burnout also at lower temperature (750 C°)

  • No expansion during burnout, sublimation starts at 130 Celsius

  • Burnout will not release aggressive chemicals to investment (80% of burnout is composed by carbon dioxide and water and oxygen that is used to complete combustion)

  • Low tension surface (better surface, no need to treat models with spray or dip baths) – Excellent dimensional stability in time, no need to stock in cold/dark places

  • Available for low power LCD, DLP and laser printers

  • Shelf life 2 years


Fully compatible with all LCD printers and with all DLP machines with 385/405 nm Projector and FEP tank.

X5 Formlabs Blue Cast castable resin, compatible for SLA 3D printers available upon request.

3D printing Castable resin X5 characteristics


 Package    0.5 kg
 Color    light blue
 Post UV cure               not needed
 Recommended castaed products              fine detail jewellery, pavè


BlueCastX5 Details                   MSDS                   Burnout




Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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