Harz Labs Dental Peach Pro (for Structo) resin


Designed for printing demonstration dental models and master-models. Rigid, hard, resistant to high temperature during thermoforming aligners. Meets the requirements of iso 10993.Certified for medical use. Registration certificate for medical device № RZN 2020/12007 (Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare).


Dental Peach PRO (for Structo) is a matte resin, made of biocompatible material used in UV-cure dental fillings. It has high durability and high tensile strength, resistant to mechanical and thermal stress.

Recommended for production of demonstration models and printing of master-models. Slight odor and lack of hazardous monomers allows for performing printing even in a small laboratory. Meets the requirements of iso 10993.

Harz Labs Dental Peach Pro (for Structo) resin is certified for medical use. Registration certificate for medical device № RZN 2020/12007 (Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare).

Russian certification. Product without European certification, to be used only for models.


Harz Labs Dental Peach Pro (for Structo) characteristics

  • Appearance: Opaque liquid
  • Color: Pale orange
  • Elongation at break 4,6%
  • Hardness Shore D: 85-87
  • Shrinkage: <0.5%
  • Tensile strength: 59.7 ± 4.4 МПа
  • Viscosity according to Brookfield: 950 ± 250 mPa*s




    Provides high precision printing and fitting after casting

  • LOW SHRINKAGEShrinkage less than 0.5% gives you the same size like 3D model on your computer and it doesn’t change size after postcuring
  • ODORLESSResins are odorless and cause no irritation, so you can work with natural ventilation without special technique
  • BIOCOMPATIBLEProduced from biocompatible raw material used in photopolymer teeth fillings. Meets the standard ISO 10993
  • HEAT RESISTANCEModels has long-term stability under 100°. Also has short-term stability up to 180°C and can be used for films thermosettling
  • DURABLEPigments and fillers are well stabilized, no sedimentation and flocculation occur ang no foam appears

Safety notice

The company I.D.M di Marin Davide is not a manufacturer of medical materials or devices. The material sold on this site is neither produced nor controlled by the company I.D.M. di Marin Davide, who in no case can be held responsible for any damage caused by use or application of the material, which must only be used on suitable machines and by specialized personnel, exclusively for the purpose indicated, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For resins with European certification, the properties of the finished product vary according to the entire printing and post-curing process; refer to the manufacturer for any information about it.


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Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm

1 KG, 0,5 KG


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