TEK 1969 cleaner


Post-processing greener alternative to IPA for non-professional resins.


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TEK 1969 cleaner for stereolithography 3D printers

Cleaning liquid for post-processing of non-professional 3D printing resins.

No more hazardous, polluting and unsafe post processing procedures, because we care about health and environment!

Make your 3D printing greener with TEK 1969, a cleansing liquid which does not dissolve the resin, but it simply separate the uncured resin from the polymerized one.

Methods of Use:

  1. Ultrasonic cleaning at 40°C (suggested for a more effective use)

  2. Magnetic stirrer

  3. Manual with immersion in a container and shake by hand until the resin will be detached from the workpiece.

How to use it in ultrasonic bath

  • Put the liquid into the ultrasonic vessel

  • Operate the vessel for 1 minute before cleaning operation

  • Insert the molded parts to at least 5 minutes into the vessel

  • Flush with demineralised water (for transparent parts go direct to next point)

  • Blow dry object with compressed air.

  • Remove supports if the object is cured enough. (otherwise wait till after the post curing)

The liquid can be filtered with a cloth, or with a TNT (non-woven fabric). TEK 1969 has evaporation rate similar to water: add new liquid when needed.

TEK 1969 is not suitable for professional resins. It is an excellent product for titanium cleansing.

1 litre pack




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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm



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