Tethon 3D Genesis® Development Resin Base


Tethon 3D Genesis® 3D Printing Resin. Low kiln fire for high strength, high density, low porosity. Glossy white fired surface. Photo-curable iron resin for SLA, LCD or DLP 3D printing.


Genesis® 3D Printing Resin

Genesis® is a photopolymer development resin base. This formulation is used in the development of new UV curing resin materials for 3D printing.

Genesis does not print as is, but can be combined with solid powders, creating a novel 3D print resin. Genesis provides a starting point for photopolymer resin research and development when incorporating solid powders.

Applications for new resin material development exist in many industries including automotive, dentistry, jewelry, biotech and other segments.

General Tips

Genesis is designed for experimental use.  Use these guidelines as examples.  Experimentation outside of the guidelines is encouraged.

Use your best judgement when mixing in your own solid powders. Tethon 3D does not provide Directions for Use of Genesis, since this is dependent upon the type of material used.

To determine the highest solid load quantity possible for your material, blend a small batch past its saturation point to determine the maximum quantity of powder you will be able to load into Genesis.

Small tests are suggested for first use. Do not use wiper bars until you are comfortable using Genesis.

Cure printed objects in UV box for one hour minimum.

Use increased exposure printer settings when subsequently burning Genesis out of the printed object in a kiln. Increasing post-print curing time may also improve the firing process.  Cure the part for an equal amount of time that it took to for printing the object.  Rotate it in the UV box to ensure uniform curing.

The firing schedule and maximum sintering temperature for Genesis is dependent upon the vitrification temperature of the material formulated with Genesis.

Sample Firing Schedule

0 – 500F    250F per hour

500 – 900F     25F per hour  Hold for one hour

900-2300F    250F per hour


Safety notice

The company I.D.M di Marin Davide is not a manufacturer of medical materials or devices. The material sold on this site is neither produced nor controlled by the company I.D.M. di Marin Davide, who in no case can be held responsible for any damage caused by use or application of the material, which must only be used on suitable machines and by specialized personnel, exclusively for the purpose indicated, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. For resins with European certification, the properties of the finished product vary according to the entire printing and post-curing process; refer to the manufacturer for any information about it.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 30 cm



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