Castable 3D printing resin BlueCast X10


BlueCast X10 Castable 3D printing resin: designed for professional use by the resin experts at BlueCast. Suitable for all jewellery needs: from filigree to medals, as well from chaton settings to signet rings. Suitable for metal casting of pieces of a certain size. Excellent for stones presetting (new improved elasticity). Compatible with LCD/DLP 3D printers. SLA 3D printers version available upon request.


  • Castable 3D printing resin based on the experience of BlueCast X5

  • Excellent casting of small engravings both positive and negative.

  • No smell.

  • Negligible shrinkage (0.7% after 7 days).

  • Easy welding with wax.

  • Excellent yield of details with all investments

  • No chemical aggression of the investment during burnout cycle.

  • Possible manual refinishing (post cure is needed).

  • Monomers absence.

  • Extremely detailed.

  • Smooth surfaces.

  • Burnout cycle improved.

  • Suitable for all fast burnout cycles.

  • Full burnout also at lower temperature (740°C, flask).

  • Excellent dimensional stability in time.

Fully compatible with all LCD printers and with all DLP machines with 385/405 nm Projector and FEP tank.

X10 Formlabs Blue Cast castable resin, compatible for SLA 3D printers available upon request.

Get BlueCast costumizer to make to create your ideal resin!

BlueCast x10 customizer


3D printing Castable resin X10 characteristics

 Recommended castaed products with addition of X10Customizer            filigree, stone pre-setting, dental frames

 Package    0.5 kg
 Color    light blue
 Post UV cure               not needed
 Recommended castaed products              detailed jewelry, silver jewellery


BlueCastX10 Details                MSDS                   Burnout




Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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